MongoDB Official Documentation

MongoDB Official Documentation

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Anti-patterns commonly found with MongoDB
MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Cookbook
This is a set of tools to view/process the MongoDB logs for debugging and perf tuning
Record level locks
This is actually a great idea for pagination everywhere in the portal
Pre-paginated records grouped into buckets (with a continuation token)
When optimizing IOPS, optimizing CPU utilization will increase performance and consistency significantly
Short name optimization Frank previously mentioned
Generate fake data to use in performance testing with MongoDB
Lower values increase the durability of the journal, at the expense of disk performance.
All options for MongoDB instances
Honestly not sure I understand this one, but it looks like it could allow parallel processing with bull queues needed to scale horizontally.
notion image
notion image

Available block sizes

Any document that is larger than the block size, will double the IOPS consumption when performing actions on that document
64 KB
128 KB
256 KB
512 KB
1 MB
2 MB
4 MB
8 MB
15 MB
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Considerations for Shard-Key

  1. Cardinality
  1. Key distribution across cardinal values
  1. Hot spot consideration
  1. Hashed strategy — Optimal write scalability but read scalability is limited
  1. Range strategy (with and without Tags) — Optimal read scalability